Welcome to Fashion Philosophy!

Let Fashion Philosophy help you break through the fashion myths! We are an in home personal wardrobe consulting service. What exactly does that mean? It means that we strive to help each woman find her own fashion philosophy!

What makes our service so special?            

  • We come to your home
  • We show you how to use what you already own
  • We teach you what to shop for in the future
  • We will advise you on current fashion trends
  • We show you what clothing is best for your body shape

Here are 4 common fashion myths that keep women from embracing their fashion philosophy:

  • The more clothes you have, the more you have to wear
  • Style is expensive
  • Only young or very thin women can by stylish
  • Fashion requires a lot of effort

Please view our detailed service descriptions and testimonials- and contact us if you need to find your fashion philosophy!

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